Leaving Sweet Food Can be Dangerous For you


Leaving Sweet Food Can be Dangerous For you: Different benefits of leaving sweet are enough, but experts say that after leaving the sweet few days you may face negative effects, experts describe its different means.

According to various investigations, it is clearly positive effects on the health of reducing the amount of sugar in Khark, and health is better than taking fewer calories, while it reduces weight but people start eating less food.

Occasionally have negative effects on its health. For example, staying in headache, feeling of fatigue and mood, is temporary.

These symptoms are found to be less academic but it is possible that these symptoms are related to the reaction of Chinese more food, which is called Biology of Reward or Biology.

There may be different types of dietary foods, including sugar that is naturally involved in many foods of food, as in fruits in fruit, and lactose.

Sugar of food, which is called a scientific term, is included in countless, chaos, maple serpent and large ingredients of honey, glucose, and francos.


The use of such food in which the amount of sugar is higher, the effects of the deep biochemical effects are intense, these effects are severe and this debate continues now that they are born due to sugar addiction.

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Sophisticated mobilizes the ingredients that make sugar taste in the mouth, whose ultimately the effect is emitted by Dupamine alchemy.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter through which the messaging is in mind, when the process starts, the brain starts to remove dopamine, which is called a reward or refugee chemical.

This prize of dopamine is in those parts of the brain that belong to fun and reward. This reinforcement process affects our behavior and we want to do something that dopamine in our mind.

Experiences on humans and animals show how to make this reference process dynamically.

Sharp sweetly leaves the cocaine behind this process.

Research on mice found out that Chinese whether it should be taken in the case of food or to be involved in the blood through injection becomes mobilization.


It shows that it does not belong to the ingredients to feel the taste in the mouth.

Research on mice has brought solid evidence that the use of sucrose changes in the brain, and it also changes human and animal mood and behavior.

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Physical and mental symbols appear in these early days to abandon Chinese, which includes depression, troubles, anxiety, mental stress, fatigue, and headache. Physical and mentally unpleasant symbols feel that it is difficult for many people to do so.

Based on these symptoms, it has not been broadcast, but it is possible that it is related to the interest pairs of mind.

The idea of sugar addiction is still controversial, but research on mice has come to many other ingredients that you have habitual or addictive and they also include sugar and leave it to different effects.

In case it appears to be an intense desire to eat, demand and physician.

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More research on animals showed that the effects of Chinese habitat are similar to the effects of drugs, including them to start using and seeking it. In this case, it is limited to animals, so it is difficult to say that it is similar to humans.

According to experts, those who reduce the amount of sugar in their diet, have certainly affected the chemical balance of their mind and it is a car behind these symptoms.


Dopamine also plays role in controlling the human brain, vomiting, fatigue, anxiety, and hormone.

Although research on the effects of Chinese minds is limited, research has got evidence that obesity and low-fatty reduce sugar in food and reducing sugar in food and other symptoms also show Occurs.

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