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Mushrooms For Half Headache: American medical experts have discovered that a single dose of psilocybin, a special compound found in magical mushrooms, halves migraines for the next 15 days.

It should be noted that the scientific name of ‘magical mushrooms’ is ‘psilocybin mushroom‘ which has been given to it due to the presence of the same drug compound.

Although ‘magic mushroom’ is considered a drug and its use is illegal in most countries, research in recent years has shown that psilocybin is useful in the treatment of various mental, psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Conditions such as anxiety and depression have been found.

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According to unconfirmed reports over the decades, many migraine sufferers have reported a significant reduction in headache after taking psilocybin, but there is still a need for formal scientific research.

The study, led by Emmanuel Schindler, an assistant professor of neurology and psychology at the Yale School of Medicine, looked at 10 volunteers who had migraines.

Half of these volunteers were fed only a very small dose of the original psilocybin (0.143 mg per kg body weight), while the other half were given another harmless compound called psilocybin.


(This type of medical research is called a “double-blind, placebo-controlled study.”)

Volunteers who took the original psilocybin dose had a 50% reduction in migraine headaches for the next two weeks, while migraine attacks were significantly reduced.

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Despite these promising results, Dr. Schindler warns that the study is preliminary, so psilocybin should not be used to treat migraines until a detailed and conclusive study has been done.

Details of the study are published online in the latest issue of the research journal Neurotherapeutics.

Mushrooms For Half Headache


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