2 Easy Recipes For Natural Black Hair

If you want premature gray hair or white to turn black again, we will tell you a powerful oil today. There are 2 Easy Recipes For Natural Black Hair

1. Hair Oil

If you apply it in the hair five minutes before taking a bath, all the white hair on the head will turn black quickly.

This is the powerful oil that will make you look younger and prettier than before. For this, first, take a teaspoon and then peel it and squeeze the pumpkin.

Now take a pan and add a cup of amla oil to it and heat it. When the oil starts to heat up, then add pumpkin pulp and cook till the pulp turns light golden.

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Then turn off the stove. When the oil cools down, filter and store the oil in a clean bottle and apply it on your hair five minutes before taking a bath and after five minutes wash your hair with a good shampoo.

This will make your white hair turn black again and this method must be done twice a week and try to get rid of more thoughts and anger.

Because this thing bothers a person a lot and if you like this recipe, share it so that other people can also benefit from the recipe we have given. Thank you.

2. Lemon juice and Amla powder

The natural way to blacken white hair Beautiful planet shiny hair is a sign of health and graying of hair is a matter of concern.

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But you should avoid using chemical-laden products to darken gray hair as this simple and inexpensive solution is available in your home.

There are only three things you need to do to make this hair-raising recipe:

Namely lemon juice, amla powder and clean water.

Add two tablespoons of water and one lemon juice to four tablespoons of amla powder. Mix this mixture well and make a paste and leave it for about an hour.

Now, this paste is ready to be applied to the hair. Apply the paste well in the hair and leave it for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash it thoroughly with water.

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Be careful not to use soap or shampoo and try to avoid soap or shampoo while using this prescription.

Be sure to apply the paste to the roots of the hair. When washing the hair, make sure that the eyes are safe.

Use this paste every four days. In a few months, your hair will turn completely black.

You can use soap or shampoo on the day when you are not using the paste, but it is better to use herbal shampoo and massage with scalp and hair amla or mustard oil will also be very useful.

Buy These 2 Easy Recipes you can get Natural Black Hair and natural long hairs easily.

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