Why Do You Feel Numbness in Hands? [2023Updated]

Why Do You Feel Numbness in Hands?: Frequent hearing of hands is an unpleasant experience that can frighten anyone.

Under normal circumstances, this is due to the nervous pressure of keeping the hand in a position for a long time, which ends when the body moves.

However, if this experience happens again and again, then it is definitely an alarm, especially if you are not using any kind of medicine.

There are Some Reasons of Numbness in Hands

Paralysis If you wake up in the afternoon with a short nap and your hands or feet feel numb or numb, it is easy to imagine that it is the result of a nervous breakdown.

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However, medical experts say that if your hand suddenly becomes numb or weak and the condition does not go away in a few minutes, you should contact for immediate medical attention.

According to him, a decrease in blood flow from the spinal cord to the brain in the arteries results in a sense of hearing or weakness of the body, if it is difficult to speak with it, two things appear instead of one, it is difficult to think.

And if you have a migraine, etc., see a doctor immediately.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition in which the nerves in the palm of the hand are affected, resulting in frequent numbness of the hands, while symptoms such as pain, tingling, needle stinging, burning, and weakness are also present in the early stages.

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Once diagnosed, treatment is easy, but delays often require surgery.

Diabetes Most patients with diabetes have numbness of the hands and feet, sensitivity to tingling needles or tingling, due to nerve damage caused by high blood sugar.

Other symptoms of diabetes include excessive urination, excessive thirst, dry mouth, itchy skin, fruity odor, pain or numbness in the legs and arms, loss of appetite, sudden weight loss, and soreness.

Not recovering quickly. Muscle pain If you feel pain spreading throughout the body and you feel tired for a long time, it could be fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia, with sufferers feeling numbness in the hands and arms and needles sticking out.

Occurs, it is a disease for which it is not known why it occurs and there is no specific treatment for it but various methods can provide considerable relief.

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Brain and Spinal Cord Disease If you often feel numb or weak in your hands, this is not good news, a condition called multiple sclerosis, in which parts of the brain and spinal cord become stiff and tumor-like, nervous.

Weakness and other weaknesses cause, so a doctor should be consulted immediately, there is no cure for this disease but some methods can significantly improve the quality of life.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that occurs when our immune system attacks organs and tissues. Symptoms of this disease include numbness of the hands.

But depending on which part of the body is affected, it can be dangerous if it reaches important organs such as the heart, kidneys, lungs, or brain.

Reasons of Numbness in Hands [Complete Video]



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