Pet Cats Can Also Spread The Corona Virus [New Research]


In the new research regarding the transfer of Coronavirus, it has revealed that the risk of cats in the bedrooms on the owner of the owner increases the risks of the corona.

According to the report that the British newsletter in the Mirror reported, the research in Germany’s UTRECHT University is exposed that the billions can potentially transfer the virus in their body while keeping it in their body.

Dr. Alice Burles, heading the study, says Corona-positive patients should stay away from their pets because they have the ability to move forward with this virus.

Experts are concerned that animals can transfer this virus to humans again. And there are more effects in cats than dogs.

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This research was tested positive antibodies in two-thirds of cats and 43 dogs.

In half of the dogs, symptoms of the corona were seen as weakness and hunger, when some animals were found to be symptoms of cough and diarrhea.

The symptoms of breathing and nose in breathing 40 percent of the cats should come when the condition of three of them was worried.


Dr. Alice Brewers say that ‘We do not have reservations that there are symptoms of cod -19 in animals, but we have more concerns that these pet viruses safely secure their body in their body May become a potential risk of moving to the population.

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Remember that Canada’s honeytapers were recently a study of the same nature, which came out that the owner of the owner’s bedrooms was more likely to suffer from Corona.


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