Pregnant Women should be Vaccinated to Protect the COVID 19

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, updated their recommendations, saying that pregnant women should be vaccinated to save the COVID 19.

Earlier, the American Medical Institute said in their recommendations that you can take COVID if you are pregnant.

But now the CDC has emphasized pregnant women in recommendations that they should use vaccines to save COVID 19.

These recommendations have been updated on the basis of new data.

New recommendations were said that COVID 19 vaccination is proposed for women who want to get pregnant and children breastfeeding women, children, women, women, women, women, women, and women are suggested for women who are trying to children for children. ..

According to the CDC, the vaccination proves to be safe and effective for the prevention of COVID 19 during pregnancy, data receives that the benefits of the COVID vaccine are much higher than possible losses.

Sasha Ellington, head of the CDC Division of Re-Producing Health, said that we did not see any concern about the vaccine being safe during pregnancy.

He said that the risk of pregnant women from Kodav and other complications such as pre-birth risks are very high, can prevent codes from the vaccine and it is the end of it.

The American Medical Institute said that its VCF data Safe’s new analysis was checked in the effects of the vaccine and security.

In this analysis, there was no increase in the risk of abortion in women using 20 weeks before pregnancy / bio-nine tech or moody vaccines.

Similarly, there were no concerns regarding the protection of women or their children in the last quarter of pregnancy.

The abortion rate was 13% in vacationing women, which was equivalent to women not using vaccines.

Sasha Ellington rejected the rumor that the vaccine can affect the ability to produce children, so far there is no such data to know that vaccine can cause barriers.

The CDC website was also informed that there is no evidence regarding any vaccine, including 19 vaccines, which indicate infertility problems in men or women.

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