Sensitive skin care formula in winter


Today I will tell you a very tried and tested formula for whitening. Winter is coming, this is also the best for this season and this is also the best formula for this season. it’s the best skin care formula for winter.

I will tell you a method of Tibetan cream which will increase the result of the cream. Tibetan cream is a cream that Gets everywhere.


After applying this cream, the skin becomes dry, but in the method, I am going to explain, the skin will not become dry and the colour will turn white faster.

In order to prepare this formula, you must first take Tibetan cream. You can add the cream in a box or in a pot. Now all you have to do is add aloe vera gel.

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You can use any brand of aloe vera gel but make sure that the gel is not thin. It will not let the skin get dry and will also help to make the skinny blonde.


You will add half a teaspoon of aloe vera gel to it. Now the last thing you need to add to it is Skin White Capsules. You can easily get it from any medical store.


You can add two Skin White Capsules to this formula. All you have to do is mix it well. When it is well mixed, you can put it in any container and keep it for a week.

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This cream you have to apply twice. One time you have to spend the night. Apply the whole fee properly. You will not massage at night. Just apply it and go to sleep.

When you wake up in the morning, wash your face with any face wash or soap. And once you apply it at any time of the day and massage it so that it is absorbed into the skin, that’s how you apply it.



See how fast your face turns blonde. If you try it once, your friends will ask you the secret of this white colour, so friends, if you like today’s formula for whitening.

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