Side Effects of Stress On Human Body [7 Dangerous Side Effects]

Side Effects of Stress On Human Body [Don’t Skip This]: Stress affects the brain as well as physical health, today you are being told about the physical damage caused by stress.

A report published on a Saudi website mentions the various effects of psychological stress on the human personality, which appear on the skin, hair, and nails as follows.

1. Circles around the eyes

Sleep disturbances and insomnia can be caused by stress, which causes fluid to accumulate under the lower eyelids and form circles around the eyes.

These circles around the eyes are further aggravated by sleeping on the belly. To get rid of them, 8 hours of complete sleep should be taken and at least one hour before going to bed, electronic screens, etc. should be turned off to relax the eyes.

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If you feel swollen eyes when you wake up in the morning, putting a spoon in the fridge around the eyes can improve them.

2. Dry skin

Fatigue and tiredness have a direct effect on the skin, which causes dryness in the skin, along with cold drinks and coffee, etc. also dries the skin. Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day and use other juices with it.

Green tea can also be helpful as it is full of antioxidants, and also eat plenty of water-rich foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Headline

To reduce the feeling of fatigue and redness of the face, do relaxation exercises and massage with nerve relaxing oil. The cream can also be used to reduce the redness of the face.

4. Pimples

Stress increases the levels of the hormone cortisol in the body, which produces certain substances in the skin that can be a source of acne.

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To solve this problem, experts recommend taking deep breaths to reduce stress. , As well as a healthy diet. These measures will equally reduce stress and acne.

5. Wrinkles

Some wrinkles on the face, especially around the lips and eyebrows, are caused by a feeling of fatigue. As the tension increases, the wrinkles will get deeper, so get rid of the tension as soon as possible and use a standard cream for wrinkles on the face.

6. The effect of stress on hair

The issue of stress is not limited to the skin but it also affects the health of the hair in many ways.

Stress accelerates the biological stage of hair, which causes it to go through a period of early development and enter a stage of degeneration or damage. Hair loss is also the result of physical changes caused by stress.

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In this difficult time, good and pure oils and shampoos can be used to protect the hair, which improves hair growth and protects it from damage.

7. The effect of stress on nails

The health of nails is related to the body and the condition it undergoes, these are the most noticeable effects of stress on nails.

The appearance of vertical lines on the nails is normal and usually, due to aging or lack of vitamins, it is not dangerous.

Although horizontal lines are usually the result of stress, they also indicate health problems such as diabetes, zinc deficiency, and vascular disease.

Therefore, in case of the appearance of horizontal lines on the nails, be sure to consult a doctor and do not ignore this condition.


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