Signs Of Death in Last 30 of Human Life | You Should Know It!


Signs Of Death in Last 30 of Human Life | You Should Know It!: Death is not a moment to turn off a light at the push of a button, it is a slow and long process.

The study, published in the medical journal New England’s Journal of Medicine, looked at how hundreds of dying patients were being treated in the ICU.

Research has shown that the last moments of life or death is some kind of process, even when death is certain, the heartbeats several times dynamically.

During the study, a team of international scientists scrutinized the vital signs of 600 critically ill people when they were removed from life support with family permission.

He discovered that during death, the heart would stop many times and start working again, and eventually it would stop forever.

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Of the 480 patients, 67 (14%) underwent a pulse stop, after which the heart became active again.

This process of stopping the heart and then resuming it would be intermittent, in most patients the duration of the heart-stopping and then beating would be a few seconds, but in an individual, the duration was 4 minutes and 20 seconds, after which the heart would return. Began to throb.


The researchers said that we went to the ICU and monitored the near-death deaths of patients, collected data, sent them to servers, downloaded and analyzed vital signs, how the heart stopped. And then it starts working.

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The research is part of the Death Prevention and Psychology Study, which aims to delve deeper into people’s last moments and create new opportunities for organ donation.

The results of the research support the current medical practice of determining death by waiting for at least 5 minutes after the heart stops beating and then the process of organ donation begins.

Research has also shown that once the process of death begins, it is not possible to return to life, stopping and moving the heart does not mean that the patient can survive or that his consciousness is awakened.

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