Sleeping pills can cause brain cancer


Experts have found in a long study that the use of sleeping pills increases the risk of lung cancer.

It should be noted that the use of sleeping pills is increasing all over the world due to mental stress and other problems and it is estimated that one in ten people in the UK and five percent of the American population sleep on such pills. Experts for this research

The sleeping pills reviewed included the Z group and the benzodiazepine group. These groups include commonly used pills such as William and Xenix.

The study, a joint effort by Norwegian, Finnish, and British experts found that these drugs cause sores in the nose, mouth, and throat, which quickly turn into cancer.

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The longer these drugs are taken, the greater the harm they cause, and the risk of lung cancer is two and a half times higher for those who use them twice a week than for those who do not use them.

Also, if used for three years, its disadvantages can be very terrible. It should be noted that the negative effects of sleeping pills on human health and the lungs have been pointed out in the past.


However, all these investigations were so short-lived that it was difficult to draw conclusions based on them. In light of this, experts are extremely confident in their claims


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