Stomach Acidity Amazing Treatment at Home


Stomach Acidity Amazing Treatment at Home: Eating too much or eating some poultry foods has an immediate effect on our stomach. There is a burning sensation in the chest which we commonly call gastric acidity.

It enters the esophagus from the stomach and causes pain. In the current weather, a person becomes more sluggish.

Every person’s diet also increases because, according to experts, they feel more hungry in winter and therefore eat more.

Sometimes there is a feeling of severe stomach cramps or irritation, which sometimes extends to the back of the throat It also goes away, even some people feel that the food is coming back to the throat and especially have trouble breathing at night while sleeping.

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According to some experts, gastric acidity can cause coughing. Is. Stomach acidity can be caused by eating too much chicken and heavy food or for other reasons.

First Treatment

Ginger has always been used to treat many ailments. Our elders have taught us that ginger should be a must in every home. It is best for gastric acidity.


The best use in indigestion is to chew ginger with green tea. You may have noticed that ginger and mint are often given along with green tea or coffee in hotels etc.

2nd Treatment

Gar is also useful for gastric acidity or heartburn. Gar contains abundant amounts of magnesium which strengthens the digestive system and eliminates acidity.

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Our grandmothers and nannies, who play the role of experts in various tricks, always ask us to put a small piece of gear in our mouth after eating.

  • Its use will refresh the body and will also eliminate irritation and acidity. Diet:
  • Of course, people suffering from gastric acidity should avoid eating heavy foods in all circumstances.
  • According to experts, these patients should also avoid soft drinks, these drinks increase stomach upset by accumulating various gases in the stomach.
  • Avoid eating sour fruits such as lemons, sangria, etc. Sour fruits are acidic and play an important role in increasing gastric acidity.
  • According to experts, coffee not only calms many people but also increases stomach acidity. Its use also causes heartburn.
  • Be aware that if the acidity in the stomach becomes chronic, there are some foods that can be controlled by eating it, such as honey, lean meat, bananas, almonds, beans. And grains etc.

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