The Common Precaution to control the coronavirus epidemic

Most countries in the world, including Pakistan, have called for the use of face masks to slow the spread of the epidemic.

These include countries, including the United States, which previously considered the use of face masks unnecessary for protection against the coronavirus, but since the beginning of April, their use has been made mandatory in various states.

With the onset of the new Coronavirus epidemic in China and several Asian countries, the use of face masks became commonplace and even became scarce, which is still the case in many places.

Until now, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has insisted that those wearing face masks protect others by preventing the release of viral particles from the mouth.

But now the CDC has updated its position, saying that cloth face masks actually provide mutual protection, both to the wearer and those around him.

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The agency updated its guidelines this week to protect those who wear cloth masks from viral particles in the air emitted from other people’s mouths.

The CDC said that multi-layered and high-threaded fabric masks. Single-layer and low-threaded masks provide more protection than COVID-19.

According to the agency, in some cases, these masks even filter out about 50% of small particles in the air.

In the new guidelines, the CDC cites a number of research reports on the bilateral protection of face masks.

Earlier, several research reports found that making the use of face masks mandatory significantly reduces the number of new cases.

The CDC said the benefits of face masks increase when most people in a community use them.

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In fact, mandating the use of face masks could help prevent future lockdowns, along with other precautions to ensure social distance, hand hygiene, and proper drainage, the agency said.

Why is the face mask necessary?

If you don’t know, know that most cases of coronavirus have no symptoms in infected people or appear several days later.

But scientists believe that coronavirus patients can transmit the disease to other healthy people even before symptoms appear, whether they are coughing, sneezing directly from the particles, or touching a solid contaminated with these particles. After applying the hand to the nose, mouth or eyes.

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According to experts, it has become clear that the use of face masks when leaving home has helped reduce the rate of cases in China, South Korea, Japan, and other countries.

In fact, face masks protect not only you but others as well.

Covering the mouth acts as a barrier that protects you and others from viral and bacterial particles as most people unknowingly make other people sick or spread germs by coughing or touching objects.

According to Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the US CDC, you may be infected with the coronavirus and may not have symptoms, but you can still play a role in transmitting the virus, which is why using a face mask is a good idea Is.

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