The COVID 19 sign can Predict the severity of the disease


Sudden onset or complete loss of sense of smell is considered to be part of the symptoms of coronavirus. But now, for the first time, the symptom predicts the severity and recovery rate of COVID 19 in patients.

This is revealed in a new medical study.

The study involved more than 2,500 COD 19 patients from 18 European hospitals.

The study found that the severity of the disease was mild in 85.9% of patients who lost their sense of smell, mild in 4.5% and severe in 6.9%.

The average duration of sniffing in such patients was about 22 days, but a quarter of them continued to experience this problem even after 60 days of recovery.

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The clinical examination identified 54.7% of mild cases and 36.6% of mild to severe cases of loss of sense of smell.

In both groups, those who continued to experience it for 60 to 6 months had 15.3% and 4.7%, respectively.

The researchers said that the loss of sense of smell is more common in patients with mild to severe severity than in mild to severe severity of COVID 19 and that this condition is restored within 6 months in 95% of people.


Earlier, a study conducted in Italy in December 2020 stated that many patients may be deprived of sniffing or tasting the first sign of COVID 19.

The study included 93 patients who were hospitalized with cod in March 2020 but did not need an ICU.

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The study found that two-thirds of patients reported a loss of sense of smell and taste, and about 25 percent said it was the first sign of the disease.

The virus was confirmed in these individuals by PCR tests or X-rays or scans of the lungs.

When asked about the symptoms during the study, 63% reported a loss of sense of smell and taste.

The total number of people was 58, of whom 13 described it as the first sign of the disease.


A recent study by the Cincinnati University College of Medicine in the United States found that people with COD 19 often lose their sense of smell by the third day, while most patients lose their sense of taste during the same period.

Research has shown that there is a link between a sudden loss of sense of smell and a COVID 19 that needs to be addressed.

According to research, if a person’s sudden sense of smell and taste is affected, we may know that this is the first week of COVID 19 and it may intensify in another week or two.

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For this purpose, the research team examined the symptoms in 103 patients in Switzerland who were diagnosed with COVID 19 within 6 weeks.

The patients were also asked how many days it took for the symptoms of COVID 19 to appear, while with other symptoms they were asked about the time of loss of ability to smell and see or sudden deprivation.

The results showed that at least 61% of patients reported a decrease or loss of sense of smell, which occurred 3 to 4 days after the onset of the disease.


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