The dangers of Using Paracetamol During Pregnancy

Pregnant women often use the painkiller paracetamol, but now scientists have discovered that it is so harmful that pregnant women will not even touch it.

According to The Mirror, Swedish scientists have found in a new study that “women who use paracetamol during pregnancy have severe mental retardation in their daughters and they start speaking very late.”

“This study found no evidence of these harmful effects of paracetamol on sons.

In the study, scientists analyzed the paracetamol routine of 754 women during pregnancy and the mental abilities of their unborn children.

“Women who took paracetamol more than 6 times in early pregnancy had six times more delay in speaking than daughters born to mothers who did not take paracetamol,” she said.

Most of these girls started speaking 30 months after birth. In addition, these girls had low IQ levels and learning and comprehension abilities.

However, it did not have any adverse effects on boys born to mothers who took paracetamol.

Professor Shana Swan, head of the research team, said: “Paracetamol during pregnancy is dangerous for girls in the womb.

We valued the girls’ ability to speak in this study because it gives them a better idea of their other neurological problems.

”It should be noted that a separate study also revealed that women who are pregnant take paracetamol. Babies born to them are more likely to be infertile.

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