The Solution To The Fog Coming on The Springs Due To The Mask

Masks are now part of our lifestyle to prevent the spread of coronavirus and we must use them wherever we go.

Whether in public places or schools and offices, the use of masks is now mandatory everywhere, while in some countries heavy fines have been imposed for not wearing masks to protect people from the coronavirus and control the epidemic.

However, people who wear masks all the time also face some problems, one of which is a big problem for people who have poor eyesight and wear glasses.

In fact, when the mask is applied, the vapors from the nose due to breathing cause fog on the springs.

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The fog on the springs makes it difficult for people to see and the springs are cleaned frequently to get rid of the fog temporarily.

The solution to the fog coming on the springs due to the mask

But because of the mask, the problem of fog on the springs persists.

Now, however, an American doctor has found a solution to the fog, telling people facing this important problem a trick.  If you follow the mask now, the fog will not come on the glasses.


In a post on the social networking site Twitter, American Dr. Daniel M. Hefferman has described a simple and easy solution to the problem that most people face due to masks.



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He said in his post that if you have problems with fog on your nose or because of it, the solution is to apply a sunny plastic on your nose after applying the mask.

Dr. Daniel said that the sunny plastic on the mask will do an amazing job and there will be no fog on the glasses.

He also asked Twitter users to share it, saying it could save lives.  Later, Dr. Daniel’s tweet was liked so much that it was retweeted by more than 67,000 users.

Most of the Twitter users also thanked Dr. Daniel that he had been suffering from this problem for many months and now it has become easier for him.  Dr. Daniel later thanked Twitter users for sharing his recipe.

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“I’m so glad that so many people spread the word, using the power of social media for good can lead to great things,” he said.




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