Tingling in Feet and Hands can be Caused of Dangerous Diseases


Tingling in Feet and Hands can be Caused by Dangerous Diseases: Prolonged exposure to a single position of the hands or feet causes them to become numb and not only tingling when moving but also pain when moving, which improves over time.

This occasional condition is caused by a narrowing of a vein, which is not dangerous.

But if this condition is repeated, again and again, this symptom can also cause some major diseases which we will tell you about today.

1- Diabetes In diabetes or diabetes, the increase in the amount of sugar in the blood has a direct effect on the nerves, due to which they become weak, which makes them feel the hands and feet, and they have tingling and tingling. Feels-

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Therefore, if you have the frequent hearing of hands and feet, then you should get your sugar checked immediately.

2: Diseases of the brain and spinal cord Sometimes some parts of the brain or spinal cord become stiff or become a kind of tumor in them which is also called multiple sclerosis. Get heard-

It is an incurable disease that can be cured with a variety of exercises and physiotherapy.


3: If the paralyzed person feels weakness in the hands and feet while sitting and has a headache as well as difficulty in speaking, it means that for some reason the blood supply to the brain is being affected and There may be early symptoms.

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Therefore, in such a situation, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

4: Vitamin C deficiency due to vitamin B12 and vitamin B12 deficiency usually includes fatigue, difficulty breathing as well as cold hands and feet and numbness symptoms. In this case, according to the doctor’s instructions. The use of B supplements may be helpful

5: Kidney failure The kidneys play a very important role in the human body and they are responsible for the excretion of waste products from the whole body.

If the kidneys are not able to perform this function properly, these toxic substances accumulate in the body, which causes the hands and feet to hear again and again.

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For this reason, if there is swelling in the body and nausea along with numbness of the hands and feet, then a kidney test must be done.



Tingling In Feet and Hands: An Early Warning of Neuropathy


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