Unsuccessful Marriage Can Cause Of Your Death [New Research]


Unsuccessful Marriage Can Cause Of Your Death: A good relationship with a partner is very beneficial for health, but the dissatisfaction may also be proven, especially for men.

This claim came in new medical research.

The research published in the Journal of Clinical Madison continued for more than 30 years, during which the reasons for 10 thousand people were examined.

The research was discovered that if there is no comfort in life with a marriage, then the possibility of death in men in men like CVA or blood cells is likely to be so much as smoking or physically dynamic By being.

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According to the research, the risk of death in unhappy men is more than 69.2 percent more than the victims of life.

Researchers reviewed all cases of deaths in middle-aged cases, 19 percent of deaths were men who were not satisfied with their marriage.

The CVA is a combination of numerous disorders, which affect blood flow from the brain, which increases the risk of fluid, cellular diseases, and other deadly diseases.


Researchers said that the results proved that the quality of marriage and family life affects the duration of life, especially those who mislead their marriage, more than the risk of pre-death. happens.

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Researchers started collecting data from the 1960s and for 32 years, 10,000 men look at the health and behavior of men, while monitoring of fluid killings was monitored.

At the beginning of the research, most volunteers involved in it were more than 40 years and by the end, 64 percent died.

Researchers said the results get to the results that married life may be a predictor of men’s life for a predictive and slow lifestyle.

In the period of research, 5,736 people died, out of which 595 were killed as a result.

The research was discovered that the death rate in the most satisfied people from marriage was 24% while 69.2 percent in unhappy people.

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Researchers analyze the heart diseases, such as diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, and others,


they discovered that they discovered that the risk of death for any reason in the wedding is 1.21 times more than the people happy men. Is higher.

Researchers said that this rate is similar to the mortality rate in smoking and slow lifestyle.

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