Want to get rid of Toothache in a minute?

The severity of a toothache is estimated by almost every individual, often due to cavities in the teeth, movement of the teeth, gum infection or other causes that make the pain a lifelong torment.

Toothache can make you a victim at any time and it is often difficult to go to the doctor in this case but some home remedies can definitely help you to get rid of it for a while within a minute. After which you can easily consult a doctor and get long-term treatment.

There are some Tricks To getting Rid of Toothache

Vanilla extract

This homemade tip can be helpful if you want immediate relief from toothache. Vanilla extract is a soothing and antiseptic that gives relief from toothache. Insert and apply to the affected area, repeat process as needed.


Take a tea bag and immerse it in a glass of some amount of water, then place the tea bag on the affected tooth. If the teeth are not sensitive to cold, immerse the tea bag in cold water, once or twice a day. Give it a try. The ingredients in tea reduce swelling and pain.

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Baking Soda

Baking soda has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation while being a disinfectant it also cures tooth infections. To use it, soak a cotton ball in water and cover it with baking soda.

Placing cotton wool on the affected tooth can reduce the pain. In the same way, mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a small amount of hot water and make the buds with this liquid.

Olive Oil

Soak the cotton in olive oil and place it on the affected area, repeating this process two to three times a day. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce toothache and inflammation.


Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 5 teaspoons of honey, apply this paste to the affected area which will reduce the pain, repeat this process two to three times a day or until the pain disappears. ۔

Mint tea

Dip one teaspoon of dried mint leaves in a cup of boiling water for 20 minutes, then strain and strain the tea when it cools. This tea will soothe the affected part while also relieving the swelling.

Buds with saltwater

Saline water is naturally painful and can be an easy and effective remedy for toothache. For this, mix half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and use it as a mouthwash. This prescription also prevents swelling around the affected tooth.

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Clove or clove oil

Clove has been used for centuries to treat toothache because it is a natural antiseptic spice. Applying a small amount of clove powder on the affected tooth or chewing the clove would be beneficial in this regard. Is. In addition, applying clove oil (2 drops) on the affected area can also bring relief in one minute.

Hydrogen peroxide

Rinse with hydrogen peroxide solution to kill bacteria and reduce discomfort. It gives temporary relief from toothache but it is only for a short time after which you have to see a doctor. It is beneficial to mix this solution in plain water and use it in the form of buds.


Garlic is also antiseptic and it also works to reduce pain. Crush it into a paste and apply it to the affected area or chew gently. Repeat this process for several days until the pain subsides.

Guava leaves

The leaves of the guava tree are anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, not only reducing toothache but also relieving mouth sores and gingivitis. To do this, chew one or two leaves until the sweat starts to affect the affected area or boil a few leaves in water and cool it and add a pinch of sea salt to it, then mouthwash this solution.

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Onions contain chemicals that target the germs that cause infections, which reduce pain. For this purpose, take a piece of onion and put it in your mouth, and chew it from the place where there is pain.

The sweat coming out of the onion will help to get rid of the pain. Press the onion slice on the affected part.


Place a small ice cube in a bag and then wrap a thin cloth around the bag and then hold it on the aching tooth for fifteen minutes so that the nerves can be heard.

Another interesting way to get rid of the discomfort is to massage your hands with ice cubes, which reduces toothache. In fact, when your fingers send a cooling signal to the brain, it suppresses the pain signals coming out of the teeth.

Note: This article is for general information only. Readers should also consult their physicians in this regard.

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