What Are The Health Benefits of Turmeric?


What Are The Health Benefits of Turmeric?: With the onset of winter, cracked heels or hardened skin become more common. Due to today’s busy lifestyle, most people spend the day walking, which increases the risk of skin problems.

Direct contact with the toes dries the skin much faster than other parts of the body.

When the temperature drops in winter, this problem increases, resulting in the skin of the heels taking the form of layers and Then there is the feeling of discomfort and dissatisfaction as a result of cracked heels.

However, you can get rid of this problem at home with the help of a few simple things. Restoring moisture to the affected area:

One of the major causes of this problem is the lack of proper moisture in the skin. Keeping the skin moist helps to prevent it from becoming dry.

For this purpose, moisturizers can be very helpful. Reusable during the day on soles and heels.

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According to dermatologists, sweat and moisture in summer protect our skin from drying out and cracking, but in winter, the amount of moisture in the air is less and it affects the skin.


In winter, the skin feels rough and dry and cracks. Standard moisturizers should be used to avoid this. Also, in cold weather, you should drink more water to keep your skin fresh.

According to health experts, malts, oranges, carrots, radishes, and other seasonal fruits can also help in dehydration in winter.

With water, we can get the necessary moisture for our skin. According to experts, like other parts of the body, the scalp gets dry in winter.

Dry skin on our hands and feet feels itchy, especially in winter. It can also be a type of eczema, which needs to be treated.

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If left untreated, itchy skin can affect the entire body. Many patients consider it a minor and seasonal discomfort and use common lotions and moisturizers to get rid of it, but they do not help.

Rather, in some cases, the complaint is exacerbated.

They should consult a dermatologist immediately, as the complaint can spread from one person to another.


Separate the itchy person’s pillow, towel, sheet, comb, soap, and all other items that others use as well. This way other people in the house will be safe from this disease.

Remember that itching spreads rapidly and can affect children as well. Babies, especially newborns, have very sensitive skin and itching can cause them discomfort.

In addition to itching in winter, psoriasis and dryness of the scalp can also be a problem. Dryness of the scalp affects the hair follicles and causes them to fall out with less force.

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It also happens that the dryness of the scalp reaches our eyebrows and ears and this creates a state of restlessness and discomfort.

Medical experts say that too hot water for handwashing and bathing in winter causes dry skin.

So avoid it as much as possible. Older people have more dry skin in winter. It is important to use a standard moisturizer on the skin of the whole body after bathing in lukewarm water.

Some people’s skin is dry and sensitive. They should use facewash instead of scented soap



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