What can happen to those who do not eat breakfast at a young age?


A new study by scientists says that the habit of skipping breakfast in childhood can increase the risk of diabetes in adolescence.

A team of British medical experts has found that many children who do not eat breakfast every day ۔ Adults are at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

A study by scientists from the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow, and St George’s London found that children who did not eat breakfast were more likely to develop insulin resistance.

Which is one of the main causes of the disease. Researchers looked at 4,000 British children aged 9 and 10 and monitored their breakfast habits. During an experiment and looked at what they ate for breakfast.

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Children who did not eat breakfast every day showed significantly higher bookmarks than those of their peers who ate breakfast regularly.

which increased their risk of developing diabetes. Scientists found that these children did not eat breakfast.

What can happen to those who do not eat breakfast at a young age?


However, insulin levels were high and their bodies were not able to respond well to insulin. In addition, children who did not eat breakfast every day had slightly higher blood sugar levels in the morning.

Compared to those who used to have breakfast in the morning. The human body needs insulin to remove sugar from the bloodstream so that energy can be obtained from this sugar.

Insulin is a hormone that secretes beta cells from the pancreas. Insulin plays a vital role in the care of the human body.

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Which balances the amount of glucose in the blood and sends signals to the excess glucose to be stored in the liver in the form of glucose or fat.

In diabetes, the pancreas does not function properly or insulin In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin to meet the body’s needs, or the body’s cells and tissues do not work properly with insulin.

In a study in the journal Plus Plus Medicine, scientists found that eating a high-fiber breakfast, such as cereals or cereals, was protection against diabetes.


The head of research at St. George’s University. Dr. Angela Donnon said.

The study found that skipping breakfast was not directly linked to diabetes, but children who did not eat breakfast were more likely to crave snacks or sweet and fatty foods throughout the day.

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Food that is an important source of fiber helps protect against the disease. Dr. Angela said that there is evidence that skipping breakfast increases the chances of weight gain.

But it may be possible to avoid the habit of eating snacks throughout the day because of breakfast.

Referring to a study conducted by Diabetes UK, spokesperson Diabetic UK said that there is a direct link between breakfast and diabetes. More studies are needed.


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