What Is The Main Cause Of Obesity? [New Research]

What Is The Main Cause Of Obesity?: Well, it is considered that too much food makes people suffer from obesity.

But excessive food is not the main Cause Of obesity, but the nutritious role of people plays the most important role in this regard.

This came to new medical research in the US.

It is clear that the obesity risk increases the risk of diseases, fluid, diabetes types, and specific types of cancer.

In this research of Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, it was tried to know why people are suffering from obesity and discovered that non-standard diet and processor carbohydrates are due to obesity.

Researchers carbohydrates. The insulin model is also suggested while explaining obesity reasons.

He said that at this time the applicant balance model can not explain the reasons for physical weight increase.

He said that the number of daily ingredients can reach a thousand, but what excessive food really causes obesity?

The researcher’s proposed new model was declared due to the current covenant’s nutritional choice.

which is more used by nutrients, which consists of carbohydrates and very fast digestive carbohydrates.

He said that these nutrients bring changes in metabolism due to hormones reaction, due to which the body seems to be stored in the body and its result exits physical weight and obesity.

Researchers further said that when we eat more carbohydrates more food that increases the emission of insulin in the body and pressure glucose

Due to which fat cells are more calories storage signals, files, and Calories available for metabolic dynamic tissues becomes very low.

According to research, when the body does not get energy, its response increases the feeling of hunger in response, by trying to secure fuel required for functions by the body, the speed of metabolism slowdowns.

The feeling of hunger after eating also increases, whether extra fat in the body is not collected.

Researchers said that a low quantity of diet does not reduce physical weight on a long-term basis, carbohydrate.

The model has been suggested that more attention should be focused on what we eat.

He said that instead of very fast digestive carbohydrates, choosing useful nutrients for low grease and health reduces fat reserves in the body, which reduces physical weight while hunger also seems to be less.

The results of this research were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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