What is The Relationship Between Eyeglasses and Coronavirus?


What Is The Relationship Between Eyeglasses and Coronavirus?: Some habits that have been identified as essential to preventing coronavirus include frequent hand washing, wearing a mask, not touching the face and eyes, and keeping social distance.

A recent study found that wearing glasses can reduce the risk of coronavirus, with experts saying that one of the main reasons for the spread of coronavirus is frequent touching of the face and eyes with the hands.

Research has shown that people who use eyeglasses tend to touch their faceless and rub their eyes less than people with healthy eyesight.

The study looked at the habits of 81 women and 223 men.

Observations showed that the observers inadvertently touched their face 23 times in an hour and at the same time they also touched their eyes 3 times but those who were using glasses did it 2 to 3 times. What was less?

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The results of this study, which is yet to be confirmed, have been tried to prove that those who use glasses are 2 to 3% less likely to get code 19 than other people.



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