Where to find cheap health insurance?


Why the “After 30 years old” rule for health insurance and for corporations.

It just seems and feels inappropriate, and it feels like the people “Unfavoring” or disowning someone, are shunning, harassing, deceiving, and bullying, and defrauding.

In my experience, this has been the case for the Backstreet Boys, Johnson Productions, Hallmark Movies, Johnson & Johnson, and Proctor & Gamble, as well as most veterans, military men and women, and armed forces people in my hometown and state.

So why even have it?

Why require everyone have “Friends”, I can’t get friends, when all these people used me from age 8 years old upward from teachers, to classmates, to the politicians in other states who have homes and don’t belong here, much less Goshen/Buta, Egypt, right Obama?

Yet, lie and work with the former heads of companies like MCI, inc., ENRON, etc, etc., Walmart, and McDonald’s too! Don’t get me started on Rosenberg/”Rosenberger” and Roy Crock, and all of that bull with my identical twin sisters.

Then you have your loved ones backstab you for someone who uses you all the time.


Than people in this town, why I keep breaking the rules and keep wanting to be a” mandatory favored”.

I don’t blame God, for one thing.

I also don’t agree with them putting me on an oppressive, persecuting system, when what they are doing is entirely amoral and has no legal bearing, and deprive people of their basic Constitutional Rights.

They steal your clothes, personal and sentimental items, bras, underwear, souvenirs, childhood keepsakes like your teddy bears, jewelry, books, media, religious items, yeah, we will fight, items in creating writing and art.

which I personally need to stay stable and your hobbies, all for their stock prices and these tariffs, which I do not appreciate my former Employer Honda going after my friends and me.

Discriminating over stupid inheritance laws.

Then act surprised when 80% of them go back in the drug trade, I know I could run Hilliard and Dublin, OH both better and I just won’t have my children or grandchildren


And their great-grandchildren be slaves to your screwed-up social credit systems when it just enables countries over the USA and Israel and England, Whales, and Irelands and Scotland because you never heeded my warnings.

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The day will come when you all get paid back from God for your bad sowing and will reap, poor harvests.

Since this was all done for illegal contacts with the First through Third Favors or Heirs.

So what did Hilary do you ask?

I was working for Walmart at the time since they broke the laws and breach contracts anyways for my sisters and my brother, I will tell you.

You also told my father, what was Danielle Elizabethan, Inc. into Apex, Inc., and therefore created a hostile atmosphere of distant and glass ceilings for all women, religious, or ethnicity in Ohio and ruined it.


So I won’t be listening to your housing and business coalitions, when I can start civilization with God, fly to Israel if need be, and I wouldn’t have to follow these insane “After 30 years old” laws and rules that are something out of “Black Mirror”.

They did my idea for some more baked goods at the bakery I was. My boss didn’t like me, so they made deals with my mother and grandmother, which has since moved,

But faked her death, right Dorothy? Moving in with Chinese spies and her children in the even more expensive part of town.

Anyways, they paid for my sister to go to culinary school and not me, and then illegally registered behind my back with the bank, and submitted false contracts since the age of 8 years old.

I am also supposed to be making $1 to $3 million off of that, but since your economic system is so corrupted and messed up.

with the Clintons illegally pre-screening people for religion, caused problems, Right Hilda and Zelda Johnsons, I was supposed to pay $45 Million illegally for Hospital Dr. alone.

but now we have the doctors it is based on from “Scrubs” and Gotham Hospital in Ohio, paying $15 million for drugs and being sexist about patients or wanting revenge, refusing to look at history and realize…

  1. Those unfavored jocks you hate are contagious,
  2. They know about the politicians and occult groups stealing from the local hospital with the most former military veterans and
  3. Walt Disney faking his death., while my father and his buddies, and my stepsisters are making $100 Million a year on turning my work into companies, like Spherion, Randstad, most of the job agencies in town.
  4. Then you find out, legally you were on the paperwork, and a “person” account for their crimes.
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That they did jewelry heist, atm heist, and are trying to frame your friends and former neighbors for murders, money laundering, bribing police and basically everyone, these occult groups are doing.

Let’s, for now, let, the ‘Qnan News Stuff” go. It gets complicated what is fact vs. fiction there. Another reason, I am refusing to do the Ohio and Franklin County law.

Is that it has left me discriminated from seeing a doctor or getting medicine in Health insurance.

Who are my former classmates to illegally right laws about my life, harass me flipping me off driving down the street in illegal tag lines, I believe I am the only one in the whole state who realizes it was made illegal in 1984.

The teachers are just as bad, Mrs. Weaver was celebrating make $20 Million based on an illegal will my family sent into the state of Ohio that is NOT MY HANDWRITTEN WILL.

Mrs. Hoover makes $15 Million, on the lack of whiteness of a student, it is all very neo-nazi and I am upset that I am against such things,

And all they had to do was a 15-minute interview to find these people, find the truth, and arrest them. Sadly, our local and state governments are corrupted.


They were voting on me in the parking lots of Walmart, Kroger, Giant Eagle, and The Hospital, and Buffalo Wild Wings, and McDonald’s, and by the former K – Mart store on Mill Run, and at Target, in such a degrading way.

Then you stole my jewelry, that I made for my children, lied about my jewelry-making abilities, and stole it for yourself to steal money.

with Lou Pearlman and Johnny Wright and manipulated Avery Miller and Deborah, his wife, by blackmailing them, shaking them down, and making threats to kill loved ones and not give them health insurance.

If I have to be “beloved” to be happy, then I will just host Thanksgiving at my mobile home.

Your rules belong in the trash can, don’t use that, “Well, Jacob/Israel did this way back when…Esau sold his birthright..”, so don’t play that with me.

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They are only giving PM Netanyahu a Noble Peace Prize for keeping “4th through Unfavored” Americans out of Israel despite it ticking God off and because I am not there to check his corrupt butt.

No one should have to suffer like I did, with your classmates casting spells on your friends and your teachers, I would say 85% knows about it or is in on it.


The rest are my peers, who are taking their orders from The Church of Satan and Witches/The Freemasons, and groups like it. Which I renounced. I do apologize to Avery.

But they lied about my I.Q. it was never 153, that is Kimberly’s I.Q., mine is 173 to 180.

It is hard to be replaced by stepfamily and the family you didn’t know over a health insurance policy based on the 1300s that denotes people to caregivers, midwives.

and slaves, and what is worse they believe Jews and Christians, should be enslaved servants to them and steal their successes with tons of laziness and lies.

It is outdated, I admitted my friends and I did make mistakes, that simply addressing us as adults in private would have sufficed, but no.

They paid others like my sisters, to screw up the accounts, unlike my brother and me.

We grew up seeing how it should be going and how to check them, as well as we both took business and accounting in high school and middle school classes.


Then frame us for their crimes later on and even worse federal and state crimes.

This is why I am sticking to Oct. 9th, 2020, as our Movement date and creating the “Unfavoreds Rights” Movement.

It should have happened in 1855, but it didn’t so I am finishing what they started back then and what Martin Luther started way back in Germany.

if You have any questions about health insurance you can place your comment in the comment section.


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