Which Things Can Be Causes of Liver Diseases?


Which Things Can Be Causes of Liver Diseases?: The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body, working to digest food, store energy and remove toxins.

However, with different habits or over time, the liver can develop different diseases, and the risk of other deadly diseases, including viruses such as hepatitis A, B, and C, increases.

In fact, seemingly simple things in daily life can be harmful to your liver.

If you want to protect your liver from various diseases, then learn about the common things that can damage the liver.


The cost of eating too many sweets also costs the liver (the risk of diabetes and other diseases increases).

This is because the liver’s job is to convert sugar into fat. If the amount of sugar in the diet is too high, the liver will start making too much fat, which can lead to liver disease.


According to some research reports, alcohol can be as harmful to the liver as sugar, even if the bodyweight is normal.

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So the desire to sweeten the mouth should not be too much.

Herbal supplements

Even if these supplements have the label ‘natural’, they are not necessarily good for you.

According to research reports, herbal supplements can affect liver function, which can increase the risk of hepatitis and liver failure.

Be sure to consult your doctor first if you need to use these supplements.

Excess body weight

The accumulation of excess fat in the liver leads to the accumulation of fat on the liver, resulting in inflammation of the liver.


Over time, the liver hardens and the tissues become scarred. People who are overweight or obese, middle-aged or diabetic have a higher risk. However, a healthy diet and exercise can help.

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Excessive use of vitamin A in the form of supplements

Our bodies need vitamin A, which is used in fresh fruits and vegetables, especially red, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables.

However, high doses of vitamin A in the form of supplements can be a problem for the liver, so be sure to consult a doctor before choosing a supplement for additional vitamin A.

Soft Drinks

Research reports have shown that people who drink a lot of sugary drinks have a higher risk of developing liver fat.

Research reports do not conclude that alcohol is the ultimate cause, but if you drink a lot of soft drinks, it is important to reduce your intake.

Excessive use of painkillers

If you have a headache, cold or back pain and the only solution seems to be painkillers, be sure not to eat too much.


They contain ingredients that can damage the liver in large quantities, first check how many doses a day have been prescribed by doctors and be limited to.

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Trans fats

Trans fats are man-made fats found in bakery products and packaged foods.

A high-fat diet increases body weight, which is a warning sign for the liver.

Used syringes

If an injection is needed for any reason, make sure the syringe is new, as hepatitis C is spread through the blood and a used syringe is a major cause of its spread, as well as an increased risk of HIV. Is.


You may already know that alcohol is harmful to the liver, in fact even a small amount of alcohol is enough to increase the risk of liver disease.

Which Things Can Be Causes of Liver Diseases?


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