White Flour is Dangerous For Your Health


White Flour is Dangerous For Your Health: White flour, which is eaten in the taste of white bread and parathas, is considered to be very harmful to human health.

Medical experts have termed white flour, ie refined flour, as white glue for the human stomach.

White flour goes through various stages and takes the form of flour. In these stages, what is the best for human health?

Ingredients such as semolina and fiber are extracted, after which the flour takes the form of flour, the use of which has extremely harmful effects on human health.

White flour is eaten on a daily basis in the form of bread, paratha, double bread, burgers, pizza, pasta, macaroni, donuts, and momos after which cholesterol levels rise, constipation, liver function is affected, Complaints such as obesity, indigestion, and digestive system dysfunction occur.

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According to medical and nutritional experts, whole flour which is also called mill flour in common language should be used. It contains a large amount of dietary fiber.

Consumption of mill flour improves the digestive system. Also has a positive effect on overall health.


The use of milled flour also helps in better digestion of other minerals and vitamins taken with the diet.

Negative health effects of eating white flour

White flour has acidic properties, which increase the risk of acidity, and its slow digestion can have a negative effect on the health of the stomach and intestines.

According to experts, eating more acidic foods such as white flour and fast food causes calcium to be excreted from the bones, which leads to arthritis and joint pain in old age.

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Diseases such as constipation, headaches, and depression are common due to the lack of fiber in white flour.

It should be noted that white, refined flour is included in processed foods in which all kinds of beneficial ingredients are extracted.

Bleaching ingredients are also used to whiten refined flour, which makes the use of white flour more dangerous to human health.


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