Why children Wet The Bed at Night and How To Stop It?


Why children Wet The Bed at Night and How To Stop It?: If your child urinates in bed at night, it is not your child’s fault but your own because scientists have shown in new research that the child’s habit of urinating in bed is inherited from his parents.

According to Mail Online, scientists at the University of Aarhus in Denmark, in a study of 4,000 children, have traced the genes that are responsible for children’s habit of urinating in cobblestones at night, and these genes are inherited. Are.

Professor Jenny Havarigard-Christensen, who led the research team, said:

“These genes work to enable the brain to reduce the production of urine at night & to regulate our bladder activity.

These genes also increase the risk of ADHD in children. Therefore, our research has also shown that most of the children who urinate in bed at night also suffer from this disease called ADHD.

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Why children Wet The Bed at Night and How To Stop It?

Make a note of the time your child urinates in bed and see how often he urinates. If his symptoms indicate another type of urination, consult a doctor without wasting time.

If your child has been suffering from this habit for a long time, help him to get rid of this habit. Here are some ways you can get rid of your child’s habit of urinating in bed. Are


Monitor your baby’s drinking habits:

Keep track of how much water and other beverages your child drinks throughout the day, especially in the evening. Get him into the habit of drinking more water during the day and try to drink fewer liquids and caffeinated beverages at night.

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Get your child used to urinate:

When a child urinates, make it a habit to hold them for a few minutes. Similarly, at night, when he urinates in his sleep, he will be able to stop him, and thus he will lose the habit of urinating.

Have the baby urinate frequently:

Ask the child to urinate frequently, especially before going to bed. Send the child to the washroom several times to minimize the chances of urinating in bed.

Get your child used to wake up repeatedly at night:

Make it a habit for children to get up on the couch to prevent them from urinating on the bed.

Whenever you open your eyes, wake the child and tell him to go to the washroom.


Slowly wake him up at night and go to the washroom. Will get used to it.

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Instead of punishing the child, use:

When the child urinates on the bed, help him change the bedsheet.

Instead of getting angry at him, he will like it when you use it and don’t urinate on the bed to keep the bed clean. Will try

Get rid of the diaper habit:

The reason for urinating even after the age of five is the habit of wearing baby diapers.

Get rid of the habit of diapers and make it a habit to go to the washroom.

Be patient:

Instead of trying hard to get your child to urinate, treat them gently. Explain to the child that this is a common problem and can be easily overcome.


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