Why Do Girls Gain Weight? [Don’t Watch TV Everytime]


Why Do Girls Gain weight? [Don’t Watch TV every time]: Girls do this in their room. They get very fat very quickly.

The more young girls watch TV, the higher their obesity rate because the more hours girls watch TV, the more body fat they have. Also accumulates in the same calculation.

In contrast, the proportion of boys watching TV and the presence of body fat was not found to be as high as that of girls.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that girls are relatively less physically active.

Despite the difference, according to a recent study by University College London, all children who have a TV in their bedroom have a higher rate of obesity, and especially girls who watch TV in their bedroom are obese.

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The rate is significantly higher than other girls. The study looked at the TV watching habits of 12,500 children. Researchers say that 7-year-old girls who watched TV in their bedrooms reached the age of 11.

They had a 30 percent higher obesity rate than boys who had a 20 percent higher obesity rate than boys who watched TV in the bedroom.

Proves that having a TV in children’s bedroom is harmful to their health. Especially young girls watch TV for more hours because of the TV in the bedroom.

On the other hand, they are not as active in sports as boys. The combined effect of these two factors is that girls who watch TV in the bedroom become obese at an early age, and this problem becomes more acute with age.

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Scientists say parents should limit their young children’s TV viewing time and never keep TVs, especially in girls’ bedrooms.

Why do Girls Gain Weight after Marriage?

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