Why do Moles Appear on The Face? [New Research]

Why do moles appear on the Face? [New Research]: A small black or brown mole on the face further enhances the beauty and people begin to consider themselves beautiful. Some people like this mole badly than some people like this mole very much.

But why are these moles?

Do you know Why do moles appear on the Face?

Reason: When a woman becomes pregnant, during the first 12 weeks of her pregnancy, fetal melanocytes, or skin cells, are formed.

This is a natural process and these cells do not spread evenly throughout the body.

These freckles cause moles to form on the face.

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Important information: If a person has more than 12 moles on the body or especially on the arm, then the risk of cancer increases because melanin is weakened in the body.

Alkaline forms acidic properties that increase the risk of cancer. Mole and luck secrets:

We have a general impression that if you have moles on your forehead, you will have more money and if you have moles on your arms, you will have more money.

There are. If they are near the neck, they are considered to be soft-tempered, and if they are on the chest, they are considered to be tireless workers; The truth becomes clear but not everyone can agree with it.

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