Why You Feel Hungry All The Time?


Why You Feel Hungry All The Time?: Do you feel hungry and anxious all the time? This can be caused by a sudden drop in blood sugar levels.

This was revealed in a medical study.

Research has shown that people who have a sudden drop in blood sugar a few hours after a meal feel hungry all the time and burn hundreds of calories throughout the day.

The study, published in the medical journal Nature Metabolism, was the world’s largest in the real world, looking at people’s reactions to food in the real world.

A study by scientists from around the world with King’s College London in the UK found out why some people struggle with weight loss despite all their efforts.

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The study involved 1,070 people and tested blood sugar response and other health factors over a traditional and preferred breakfast for 2 weeks.

Traditional breakfasts contained carbohydrates, routines, fats, and fiber.

These people’s empty stomach blood sugar levels were monitored to find out how well the body makes sugar.

The individuals were provided with glucose monitors to monitor their blood sugar levels at all times during the research period, while a wearable device monitored physical activity and sleep.

The researchers also recorded their level of appetite and physical alertness with the help of a phone application.

After analyzing all the data, the research team found that some people experience severe hunger 2 to 4 hours after eating, which causes their blood sugar levels to drop very rapidly.

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Such people have a 9% increase in appetite and eat the next meal on average half an hour earlier than others.

Such people burn 75 to 312 extra calories 3 to 4 hours after breakfast and 312 extra calories throughout the day.


The study said that as a result of this effect, the bodyweight of such people can increase by more than 9 kg in a year.

The researchers said that it had long been thought that blood sugar levels played an important role in controlling appetite, but previous findings were unclear.

“We’ve now proven that blood sugar levels can be the best predictor of hunger and high-calorie intake,” he said.

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He said that many people have difficulty in losing and maintaining body weight, while a few hundred extra calories a day can lead to significant weight gain in a year.

“Our findings show that a sudden drop in blood sugar levels can affect health and body weight on a long-term basis,” he added.


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