How To Take Care Of The Health Of Qurbani Animals? [Eid Ul Adha 2023]

 Eid al-Adha is just a few days away, and since the children who go to school are enjoying their summer vacations during these days, they mostly spend their time taking care of the Qurbani animals in the preparations for the Eid Ul Adha.

As Eid approaches, people become busy buying new clothes, preparing for family gatherings, and purchasing Qurbani animals from livestock markets.

However, there are several important preparations related to the care of Qurbani animals that we often neglect.

On Eid al-Adha, after hours of hard work negotiating with traders at the livestock market, people buy animals and bring them home to be treated as guests.

How To Take Care Of The Health Of Qurbani Animals

During the preparations for Eid, children mostly spend their time taking care of the animals 

Like humans, animals also experience hunger, thirst, and the sensation of hot weather. They also require a suitable place to fulfill their sleep needs.

Qurbani animals are usually brought home before Eid Ul Adha Day so that children can get closer to them, and take them for a walk. However, this enthusiasm of some children fades away after a few hours. As a result, the animals spend the day in the scorching sun and do not have a suitable place for proper nutrition and rest throughout the night.

The weather is hot across the country during these days, so it is necessary to arrange a suitable place for the animals. Keep in mind that the place should not be hot and should not pose difficulties for the animals to stand.

Therefore, it is not only the responsibility to take care of the Qurbani animals but also of all animals. Provide them with proper food and water, and in addition to that, clean the place where the animals are tied.

Most people simply throw food on the ground in front of the animals. It is important to remember that most cows and goats prefer not to eat food placed on the ground.

Therefore, it is necessary that when you provide food to the animals, do not throw it on the dirty ground so that their food does not go to waste. If you cannot feed the animals by hand, place the food in a clean container.

Taking care of the Qurbani animals and showing hospitality towards them is a virtuous act. On the occasion of Eid al-Adha, Muslims follow the tradition of Prophet Ibrahim by sacrificing animals and distributing their meat among the needy and loved ones.

So, it is not just the responsibility of the Qurbani animals, but every kind of animal that you bring to your home, to take care of their rights.

Showing hospitality towards the Qurbani animals and taking care of them is a noble deed

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