5 Very Handy Functions You Never Knew Your iPhone Had


Are you a fan of mysteries and secrets Functions?

I, for one, love discovering features about my phone that I never knew. Ever since its release ten years ago, the iPhone has ruled the horizon of smartphones.

Good for us, perfect for iPhone wholesale suppliers.

But despite being such an important part of our daily lives, some functions remain undiscovered by most of the users.

5 Very Handy Functions You Never Knew Your iPhone Had

Here are some secret functions of your iPhone that you surely had no idea about:

There’s another button to capture photos.

And it’s not located on the iPhone.

Even, I don’t mean the button on the selfie stick.


This may amaze you to know that this button has no relation to photos what so ever and yet it does what it does.

If you are frustrated by the blurring of the photos due to tapping, try the volume button.

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Not the one on the phone, but the one you have on your headphones.

Surprising, isn’t it?


There’s a secret pocket in your album

Who doesn’t like taking photos?


This generation is obsessed with capturing anything and everything.

But of course, not every photo is for everyone to see.

Don’t worry; your iPhone has got your back.

Even the ones you buy from wholesale phone cases shop.

There is a secret feature in the photo album where you can stack your private photos.

Tap and hold the picture that you want going and press Hide from the menu that appears.


Get rid of the annoying red bubbles

I don’t know about others, but the red bubbles that appear on the apps annoy me.

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In other phones, if you open and close the app, the bubble disappears.

But the iPhone is much more stubborn than that.

That’s why there is an option to switch off the bubbles once and for all.

Go to Settings, enter notification and turn off “badge icons.”

Shake away your mistakes

It is frustrating to keep tapping backspace to remove a message.


Especially when you don’t have to do it at all.

Did you know that you can remove the message just by shaking your phone?

An iPhone may not have a back button, but this is something way cooler.

All you have to do is shake it from side to side, and the text will disappear.

Be careful though; you don’t want your phone slipping your hand and hitting the wall in the process.

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You might end up selling it to iPhone wholesale suppliers.


Let your virtual assistant find a password

People can be very predictable when it comes to making passwords.

Most people just want to have passwords that they can remember, doesn’t matter if they are secure or not.

Hackers have a way of finding them out one way or the other.

Therefore the safest passwords are the ones generated randomly making it impossible for hackers to guess.

All you have to do is ask Siri for help the next time you need a password.

You can even specify the number of characters you need. Are you a fan of mysteries and secrets?


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