A Feature Of The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra That No Other Phone Has


A Feature Of The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra That No Other Phone Has: Samsung introduced 3 phones in its flagship S21 series on January 14, of which the S21 Ultra is the best.

Introducing the phone, the company said that the screen of the phone will support a 120 Hz refresh rate in Full HD and Quad HD resolution.

But Samsung has now revealed that the S21 Ultra is the world’s first smartphone to use the new low-power LED display technology.

The company said that the flagship phone uses an LED display that uses up to 16% less power.

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OLEDs do not require a separate light source compared to other screen technologies but rely on organic carbon-based materials that emit visible light to electricity.

Samsung has found a way to make the flow of electrons flow faster in the organic layers of OLEDs. The company says the process produces brighter light but consumes less power.

5G devices typically consume faster battery life, while newer phones use more advanced devices that consume more power.


People also do more video streaming on mobile devices, especially in the 5G connection, watching movies and dramas has become easier.

Samsung explained that the display panel in the smartphone consumes the most power and that is why the S21 Ultra is equipped with low-power LED technology.

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According to the company, this technology will result in a significant increase in smartphone usage time.

A Feature Of The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra That No Other Phone Has


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