AirPod Max | Apple’s first headphone Introduced

Apple has quietly introduced its first ear headphones, a rumour that has been circulating for months.

Apple’s Airpod Max has all the features of Active Noise Canceling (ANC), easy access to Digital Assistant Siri and company-specific design.

But it will not be cheaper to buy, but more expensive than the flagship phones of any modern or Chinese companies, which is priced at $549 (about 88,000 Pakistani rupees).

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The company says that these expensive headphones provide the user with great high-fidelity audio, adaptive EQ and spittle audio with noise cancellation.

“With the AirPod Max, we’ve provided a magical AirPods experience for consumers, a stunning design with powerful high-chips and advanced software that enables wireless computational audio in these headphones,” said Greg Josewick, Apple’s senior vice president. does’.

The headband frame is stainless steel and fits easily.

According to the company, the revolutionary mechanism in the airband of the headband rotates each one to make it fit better.

The headphones have Apple Crown-inspired digital crown volume and audio controls, while the Siri can be activated while receiving calls from them.

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The company’s H1 chip is inside each AirCup that provides computational audio, while Transparency mode and ANC mode are provided, in which a button can be switched on and off.

Users can share their audio stream with another airport set with a single button.

The company says that on a single charge, its battery life can be up to 20 hours, while it will come with a smart case that activates an ultra power state to extend battery life.

It is currently available in pre-order on Apple’s website and will be available to consumers on December 15.  If you want to use these wireless headphones with wires, you can buy a separate Lighting audio cable from the company for $35.

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Introducing AirPod Max — Apple

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