Apple Introducing First Foldable iPhone


Apple Introducing First Foldable iPhone: Apple’s new iPhone 13 (or whatever its name may be) will arrive in September, but the Lex series has begun.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple has started work on the first foldable iPhone.

To that end, Apple has begun testing foldable screen prototypes for the iPhone but has not yet decided which model will replace it.

The company is testing the screen prototype instead of the full iPhone model.

However, the report said that the inclusion of foldable models in 2021 iPhones is unlikely, but this time last year’s models are more likely to improve 5G features.

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For the first time, 2021 iPhone models are expected to feature a fingerprint sensor inside the display.


Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei have introduced regular foldable phones, while LG, Oppo, and other companies have demonstrated this technology in concept devices.

Apple has patented several foldable phone designs in recent years.

Apple has not commented on Bloomberg’s report, nor has it responded to media reports.

In addition to the foldable phone, Apple is also making rapid progress in developing a self-driving car equipped with the latest technology.

According to various reports, Apple and Hyundai have also reached an agreement for the manufacture of this car and the prototype model can be introduced in 2022.

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It is believed that there have been reports for many years about Apple’s secret plan to make automatic driving or Project Titan.


But now it seems that Apple’s plan is going to take shape.


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