Best Gaming Smartphone of 2021 (18 GB RAM & 512 GB Storage)

Best Gaming Smartphone: If you like to play games on smartphones, Asus has introduced new gaming phones for such people.

Asus Rog 5 S and 5S Pro have updated 5 series update models presented in April this year.

The most special in the Asus-rog 5 S series venus is the presence of Snap Drawn 888 plus processor, which exists 3.0 GHA HTZ Primary Core Support.

This Prosecutor’s AI engine is 20% better than former models.

Apart from the processor, there is a lot of new phones.

Asus Rog 5 S series phones include 8, 12, 16, and 18 GB rim while 128, 256, and 512 GB storage options.

The micro SD card slot in both phones is not available but the NFTS formatted Extractal USB drive has been supported.

In terms of design, this display is just like iPhone.

In both phones, a 6.78-inch Super-AMOLED display has been given with 144 HTZ Refresh Rate and HDR 10 Plus Support.

Asus Rog 5 Pro is given rogue vision clerk pull display while the company’s logo is with RGB backlighting on the back.

Gorilla glass Vicks have been used to protect the screen and have been made a special coating so that the fingers can work smoothly despite the sweat.

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Both have been given a 6000 mAh battery with 65-watt fast charging support.

Side Port can also be used to provide HDMI Actarital Monitor, Headphone Connect, or Aerospace Cooler 5.

The headphones jack has been maintained in the phone.

There are 3 cameras set up on both phones back.

The main camera is 64 megapixel with 13 megapixel ultra-wed and 5-megapixel macro cameras, while the 24-megapixel cellphone has been given on the front.

Android 11 Operating System Combined Company has done its Rule UI, while Dual-SIM support and 7 magnet liner front fingers are also part of the device.

The fingerprint scanner is installed within the display while Ultrasonic Censorers have been used for Air Trigger 5.

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The 16GB and 256 GB storage version of Asus Rog 5 S will be available for $ 1077 (more than one million 77,000 rupees).

There will be $ 1221 (more than 2 million rupees) to buy a 5-S Rim and 512 GB storage equipped model.

Similarly, the 18GB RAM and 512 GB storage version of Rug 5 S Pro and 512 GB storage will be sold for more than $ 1365 (more than 2 million 24,000 rupees).

Best Gaming Smartphone Asus ROG 5 (Father Of Gaming)

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