Samsung decided to give the Galaxy S21 series phones without chargers and headphones

In October this year, a report came out claiming that Samsung was following in Apple’s footsteps by removing the charger from the Galaxy S21 box.

But no final decision was made at the time.

But now a report states that the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra sales certificate states that these phones will not have chargers or headphones in the box.

A screenshot of the certificate from the Brazilian regulatory body, which is in Portuguese, has also surfaced.

It is not clear if this will only happen with flagship phones or other devices that will also end the process of providing chargers and headphones.

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However, an October report said that Samsung was seriously considering ending charging and earphones with the company’s smartphones, which could start with the Galaxy S21 and gradually move on to other models. This will apply.

Apple’s decision not to provide chargers and earphones was part of a plan to curb environmental pollution.

But it is also likely to benefit the company financially, as many new iPhone buyers will buy chargers and earphones separately.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

This will not only reduce the electronic waste that causes environmental pollution but also reduce the overall cost of the device.

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In this way, it will be possible to keep the price of headphones at a level while forcing people to buy separate headphones, which will further increase revenue.

But doing so would also embarrass Samsung, as the South Korean company’s mockery of Apple’s announcement was mocked in a social media post (which was later deleted).

Posting a picture of the phone charger on a Samsung Facebook page, he wrote that its Galaxy phones are still being delivered with a charger in the box.

“Your Galaxy gives you everything you need, from the most basic need to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and a 120 Hz screen in a smartphone,” the post said.

More interestingly, Samsung has been making fun of Apple’s iPhones for years by removing the headphone jack, but in 2019 it introduced the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 without a 3.5mm audio connector.

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Samsung also anticipated a backlash over the removal of the headphone jack, as soon as it explained the reason.

According to the company, one of the reasons for removing the headphone jack is that it has helped to increase the batteries of both the phones to 100 mAh as it has got more space for it. AH while the Note 10 Plus has a 4200 mAh battery.

Similarly, the removal of the headphone jack is aimed at improving the hepatic vibration system, while the company claims that the majority of Samsung Galaxy Note series users have already switched to wireless headphones, so this was the right time for this change.

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