How To Fix a phone Damaged By Water


When a mobile phone fell into the water, it was said to be a method of drying, known as “rice treatment”. Many articles still say that if a mobile phone is pressed into rice, it dries out. Etc.

However, some experts are now calling the method useless, saying that doing so could further damage the mobile phone. Experts say that rice cannot dry out the moisture in mobile phones so fast.


How To Fix a phone Damaged By Water

Therefore, this method is not so tried and tested. Some people open the mobile and press both parts of it into the rice.

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If this rice goes into the inner parts of the mobile, they take dust particles and starch with them. , Which are causing damage to the internal parts of the mobile.

Experts say that it is better to let it dry in the air than to put it in rice and dry it. It is best to keep it on the kitchen counter for drying.


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If the natural air dries the mobile phone, it will not damage the interior of the mobile. The right way to teach mobile: If the mobile gets wet or falls into the water, use the following methods.

Turn off your cell phone: Turn off your cell phone first. So that water does not get into its electrical parts and no further damage can be done.

Remember that if the mobile is wet, its circuit can be damaged, so turning off the mobile immediately can prevent this damage.

Dry with a towel: After turning off the mobile phone, dry it with a paper towel or towel. Try That all the moisture is absorbed in the towel.

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When drying with a towel, make sure that water does not get inside in a hurry, so care must be taken during this time. Remove internal parts, SIM or battery, etc.:


If the battery of a mobile phone can be removed or its internal parts can be removed, then remove these parts. Also, remove the SIM.

Take care of the charging port: Remember that when drying the mobile phone, do not try to dry it by putting a towel, paper towel, piece of paper, cotton bud or similar things in the charging port.

Remember to charge the mobile later if the charging port is damaged

There will be a problem. While drying the mobile phone, be careful not to press the button of the mobile and do not shake the phone in such a way that the water reaches the inside of the mobile.

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Place on a towel: After all the steps, place the mobile on a dry towel and now let the mobile phone dry in the air. Leave the mobile phone closed for 24 to 36 hours and let it dry.

Never turn it on at all. If the mobile phone is opened after drying and you notice any change in its performance, take it to a mobile phone repair shop immediately so that it can be saved from any major malfunction.


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