Huawei P50 And Huawei P50 Pro Specifications


Huawei P50 And Huawei P50 Pro Specifications: The first glimpse of Huawei’s new flagship P50 series phones has been leaked.

Pictures of the P50 and P50 Pro have been released by OnLeaks, which could be Huawei’s first phone series to offer Harmony OS, the company’s own operating system, instead of Android.

The goal is to reduce the reliance on Google’s Android operating system.

Pictures of the P50 indicate that it will have a 6.3-inch flat display, while the camera setup on the back will be completely new.

The phone has an IR port at the top and a headphone jack at the bottom, but only a USB port and speaker grille.

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According to various rumors, for the first time in the world, an inch camera sensor is being given by a company.

Pictures of the P50 Pro suggest that it will feature a 6.6-inch elbow-edged and low-bezel display, while the center of the screen will have a selfie camera with a punch-hole design in the center.

The highlight of this phone is its unique rear camera setup.

This setup will have 2 very round glass lenses, which also indicates that the camera will be very powerful in Huawei’s flagship phone.

Huawei’s P-Series usually focuses on powerful photography features, while the Mate series focuses more on business features.

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There are no details about the rear cameras yet, just the idea that these round lenses could contain more than one camera.


According to Lex, the phone will have a fingerprint sensor and dual stereo loudspeakers installed inside the phone.

The Huawei P50 series will be introduced sometime at the end of the season and a total of 3 models are expected to be introduced.

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