Huawei Releases Teaser For New Flagship Smartphone Huawei P50

Huawei Releases Teaser For New Flagship Smartphone Huawei P50: Huawei also released the first glimpse of the new flagship P50 series phone during the Harmony OS event.

The company did not give a date or price for the phone’s introduction, but its unique camera setup did show up close.

There are 4 clear camera lenses with 2 flashes.

It is difficult to say how many megapixels the camera will be or what the sensor size of this phone will be, but according to the glimpse released by Huawei, Huawei is working on the camera setup together with Laysa. ۔

The company claims that this new phone will take mobile photography to a new height.

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The images also suggest that this time the camera bump will be larger than the P40 Pro Plus, which means the P5 will have larger sensors and lenses.

As for other features, Huawei official Richard Yu said at the event that it will be a lightweight and iconic phone.

It could be Huawei’s first phone to replace Android with Harmony operating system, but it was not confirmed or denied during the live stream.

Introducing the phone, the company said it was trying to figure out how to make the best device available to consumers.

Globally, Huawei, like technology companies around the world, is facing problems as a result of semiconductor shortages, which have been exacerbated by US sanctions.

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U.S. sanctions have also made it harder for Huawei to develop its own processors, which is why the June 2 event used the Snapdragon processor in 2 MatePad tablets.

Huawei’s P-Series usually focuses on powerful photography features, while the Mate series focuses more on business features.

Flagship Smartphone Huawei P50 Pro – Official First Look

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