Huawei troubles are likely to be significantly reduced

Huawei has begun work on the new flagship phones of its P series, which will be introduced in the first half of 2021.

The company is facing supply difficulties in manufacturing P50 series phones due to US sanctions, but now the Chinese company has the support of other companies.


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According to a report, Samsung Display and LG Display will provide LED panels for Huawei’s new phones.

Samsung had obtained a business license from Huawei from the US government in October, and LG seems to have succeeded.

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Huawei P50 phones will use the company’s new Karen 9000 processor, which is part of the routine.

The new Karen processor is usually introduced with the Mate series and is part of the P series, but in 2020 not everything went as planned.

Huawei stockpiled millions of Karen 9,000 processors before it lost ties to chip company TSMC due to US sanctions.

Now the company has got some ease in terms of supply as it has been sold to Honor brand, whose phones will no longer use Karen processors.


Huawei also expects TSMC to get a US license soon and start supplying chips to Huawei.

Qualcomm and MediaTek have also applied for licenses to work with Huawei, so Huawei no longer runs the risk of lacking a processor for its phones.

But she wants to prioritize her own processor, which she sees as a great success.

For the first time in the second quarter of this year, They snatched the title of the world’s number one smartphone company from Samsung, which was returned to the South Korean company in the third quarter.

But once supply issues are resolved, it is likely to resume competition with Samsung in 2021.

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