iPhone 8: What’s the Secret Hiding in the Plain Sight?


You know how sometimes you know the face, but you can’t put a name to it?

Happens to the best of us.

So when you are looking at a 5.8-inch OLED display phone, most probably we have the most over hyped phones on our hands: the new iPhone.

A phone that we have come to know about from features to its effect on the iPhone trade in the UK and other territories.

  • It’s safe to say that this is one of the most leaked phones in the history of smartphones.
  • God it is hard to keep a secret these days, isn’t it?
  • But there is something that seems off about this not-so-full disclosure.
  • Is there a secret that is not yet revealed?
  • What is it about the latest flagship iPhone that remains hidden?
  • It is common knowledge that it is being released with iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S plus.
  • But doesn’t it feel strange that iPhones of different numbers will be released at the same time?
  • It just doesn’t seem likely.
  • iPhone 8 may be the name for the iPhone released next year that is if the naming system has not be changed entirely by then.
  • Not even the mobile phone wholesalers in the UK know it.
  • Some people have guessed that it may be called just “iPhone.”
  • And that does sound very intriguing.
  • What secret is hidden better than in plain sight?
  • It won’t be the first time Apple would do it.
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Remember iPad 2?

Yes, it was the old model, after which all the new models were called just “iPad.”

And at the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, if there is ever a time to start all over again, it’s now.


But I have heard people speculating that it may be iPhone X.

It does sound just as appealing.

Maybe they can have X-men style phone cases on mobile phone accessories wholesale in the UK markets, wouldn’t that be amazing?

It sounds fun to name a phone with a roman number for once, or maybe the future phones will be iPhone XI, iPhone XII, etc.

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This won’t be the first time Apple would have done it either.

Remember OSX for Mac?


But well, now that it associates with OS they may just call it iPhone 10.

But it doesn’t fit.

  • If you count, this won’t be the tenth iPhone.
  • iPhone 7 happens to be the tenth iPhone, that is also when you don’t include any 5c, SE, and the plus series.
  • In that case, this phone would be iPhone 16, what?
  • Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
  • How does the iPhone Pro sound?
  • After all, this is the iPhone taking a step into the next stage of technology, and the price can leave your wallets bleeding.
  • It just seems to fit right onto it.
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But it could also be called iPhone Edition, especially because it is going to be in short supply, but the iPhone won’t go with something so elitist.

I would place my bets on iPhone Pro.

What about you?



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