Is your Apple iPhone Running Out Of Battery Fast? [2022 Updated]

Many Apple iPhone users have a strange problem with using the Apple devices, which is that the devices run out of battery quickly & the charging time is too long.

According to a report by MacRumors, consumer complaints in Apple Developer Forums & Apple Support Forms indicate that they encountered this problem when the Apple devices were upgraded to iOS 14.2.

Some Apple users also complained that battery health metrics dropped significantly after the update, while others reported that their Apple iPhones became too hot during charging or normal use.

This problem has also been seen in various models of iPhones & iPads.

Some users say that even just a call or text reduces the battery life very fast, while others said that even if not used, the battery starts to run out.

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IOS 14.2 was released by Apple in early November, with some major security updates. There were also new emojis & other minor updates.

However, this operating system update does not include any issues with Apple Device battery issues.

It is difficult to say how many users have experienced this problem, but so far there have been hundreds of complaints.

Millions of Apple iPhones are currently running iOS 14.2, but the company has not yet commented or commented on the update.


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