Japanese Toaster Mmaker Balmuda Launches its First Smartphone

Household electrical products in Japan, especially toaster manufacture, Balmuda has introduced its first smartphone.

The company claims that Balmuda is quite different from other phones available in the phone market.

The company said that we think smartphones are very big now while looking at it a beautiful and small phone was prepared.

This is a 4.9-inch display phone that is 4.7 inches iPhone SE some big and 2 mm wide, but due to small beef, it is 15 mm smaller than the iPhone.

Its thickness is 13.7 mm and is the same camera on its back that is 48 megapixel, while fingerprint censorship is on the upper left corner.

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On the front of the phone’s 8 megapixels are hidden in the Camera Punch Hole Design.

In terms of the remaining features, it is a midrange phone in which Kolakom’s SnapDragon 765 processor is present.

The phone contains 6GB rim and 128 GB storage, while the battery is just 2500 mAh, but the company did not tell anything about its battery life.

The feature of wireless charging is also part of the device.

There is an Android 11 operating system in Balmuda phones, but it is quite different from most Android phones.

This is an intra-active home screen with multiple options, for example, Google Maps can be opened by swipe on lines.

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Calendar, Note, or Calculator can be opened to swipe on one side corner of the screen.

This phone is being presented first to sell in Japan, which has been kept 920 dollars (more than one lakh 60,000 rupees).

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