Lost your iPhone: 4 Steps You Should Take to Protect Your Data


Did you forget your iPhone is a party?  Did someone steal your handbag with your iPhone in it?

In case the thief is not already making a sale of wholesale iPhone parts in the UK, they are probably trying to break into your phone.

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People say eyes are the doorway to the soul; I say phones are. They have all our secrets, confidential information, pictures, financial data, projects, etc.

They have all the keys to our lives. That is why you always need to keep a contingency plan for such a situation.

Lost your iPhone? Follow Some Steps and Find it

  • Proactive Step: Set a Passcode
  • That’s the first thing that should be done as soon as you get a phone.
  • Put a passcode.
  • That’s the most basic security that your phone offers.
  • In case your iPhone has a fingerprint touch then that is even better.
  • It keeps whoever has your phone from entering it.
  • At least immediately.
  • Rumour has it that iPhone 8 will have an iris scan; it would be even more secure.
  • Proactive Step: Set iPhone to Erase Data, on Incorrect Entries
  • Passcodes may keep them out, but not for very long.
  • Hackers have a way of getting into the phones and the iPhone is no exception.
  • Of course, they have to make tries before they enter the phone.
  • iPhone has this very amazing and risky option where it offers to erase all your data after 10 wrong entries.
  • This can be a risk if you have a bad memory, but this is the best way to protect your data.
  • Go to Settings
  • Open Touch ID & Passcodes
  •  Switch on the Erase Data
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Reactive Step: Make Use of Find My iPhone

This is one of the best features that Apple offers on an iPhone.


It can be beneficial if you can’t find your iPhone, can’t remember where you left it, or it is stolen.  All it takes is an iCloud account and that you had enabled Find My iPhone on your iPhone before it was lost.

If your phone is still intact and not a part of wholesale iPhone parts in the UK, you will be able to:

  1. • Track down the location on the map via GPS
  2. • Send a message with instructions on how to return the phone.
  3. • Set a passcode or delete all data altogether over the internet.
  4. • Have the phone make a sound in case you think it’s somewhere nearby.
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Reactive Step: Disconnect Apple Pay to you Credit Card

  • One of the primary reasons that these things are stolen is for the financial details in them.
  • Most people have their wallets on their phones, just as iPhone users have Apple Pay.
  • The first thing when and if a hacker gets in would be to inspect your Apple Pay.

Now unless you want them buying Phone case Wholesale from your card instead of selling them you need to remove your credit card from your Apple pay. You can easily do that by logging into iCloud.

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