Monsoon? 5 Tips to Make Your Smartphone Rain-proof

While most of us love getting caught in the rain, our smartphones are not so romantic.

There is no feeling better than being drenched in a good rain but there is also no worse feeling than living without the phone, which you may have to do if you take your phone out on a walk on such a day.

While you need to spare yourself from getting the flu, you also need to protect your phone in such a monsoon, something Samsung wholesale distributors UK really counts on.

So if you are having a cloudburst here is what you should do:

Make Sure You Have Data Backup

A phone is just as precious as the data in it.

You can always get your phone fixed but you can’t retrieve the data that has no backup.

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Once gone, it gets lost in the tech-limbo.

And now that it is made so easy by all the phone companies providing their own online cloud, there is no point in not doing it anyway.

So back up your important data, photos, emails, messages, etc. whenever you can wherever you can.

These days you don’t even realize that it’s happening so you won’t be bothered.

Get Waterproof and Shockproof Phone Cases

After you are done protecting the data, you now need to

If you don’t have a water-resistant phone, get yourself a water-resistant and shock-resistant phone cases.

You can probably get them from a mobile phone wholesaler in the UK, and at a good price too.

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If your phone can’t fend for itself then you need to help it out, especially in the monsoon season.

One drop is all it takes to mess your phone up completely.

Get Screen Protectors

This may seem unnecessary, but it isn’t.

Especially the ones made with tempered glass are very helpful on a rainy day.

And you can get them in bulk on a wholesale in any mobile shop in the UK at a very low price, your wallet won’t even feel it.

But if you don’t get it, your phone might.

Switch to Bluetooth

With technology getting advanced by leaps and bound, you don’t really have to take you’re your phone when you are on the move.

You can just simply connect your Bluetooth headphones to your phone and have your virtual assistant do the rest of the work for you.

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Or have the name of the person announced in the headphones so you don’t have to take it out to see who it is or if you want to take it.

You can have all the wholesale accessories in the UK on your phone and yet something could go wrong, so why expose it to the danger?

Zip Pouch

If you don’t want to add bulk on your phone then place it in a pouch or a bag that absorbs moisture.

It may seem uncool but it is way better than spending money on the repair or a new phone altogether.

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