Oppo Slide Phone | Oppo X Nedo [Updated 2022]

Oppo Slide Phone: Oppo and design studio Nando have developed a concept slide phone that can be freely converted into 3 different screen sizes.

According to Oppo, the big screen of a smartphone is difficult for some users to hold.

But this sliding phone will provide users with a solid combination of normal function and satisfaction.

It also opens up to the Motorola Razr 5G, so Oppo’s naming this device a slide phone is a little different.

Clocks and notifications can be viewed by opening the first screen.

The second screen turns on selfie mode and when fully opened, a large screen suddenly appears which can be helpful for gaming, watching movies or multitasking.

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The side buttons can be used for different purposes on all three screens, while the design also features a built-in stylus.

The two companies have also developed a concept for a collection of interconnected devices with wireless earphones.

When these interconnected devices are placed in an AI speaker portable charging case, the audio is transferred to the concept device.

It is not clear when Oppo will be able to offer this concept smartphone for general sale. However, if that happens, it will be more unique than other companies’ foldable phones.

Oppo Slide Phone | OPPO x nendo


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