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China’s company Nubia has introduced the new phone of its gaming smartphone series Red Magic 6.

Red Magic 6S Pro Red Magic is equipped with a more powerful processor than 6 and 6 Pro

_While much better cooling and touch controls are also part of this device.

The Red Magic 6 S Pro is a new spirit of Qualcomm 888 plus processor

While Red Magic 6 Pro was given as a cry dragon 888 processor.

This new phone has been installed by developing ice 7.0 cooling systems while phase charging metals have also been added.


These meters remove the battery heat by storing the battery.

Long-term thermal management is part of the cooling fan phone.

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The Smartphone has been given 6.8 inches of Amalia Disorder 165 HTZ

Refresh Rate (120, 90, and 60 HTZ modes are also part of the device), while its guerrilla glass has been used to protect it.


Similarly, the new multi-finger touch sampling rate of 720 Hz is also part of the phone.


There are 2 shield traps in this new phone that works on 450 Hertz Touch Sampling Rate,

A new trigger is also installed on phone back.

Red Magic Gaming Software has been used for the functions of Shield Triggers.

The fingerprint display is also installed within the phone that can identify the heartbeat.

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Indeed, it is not a health app but a protective feature so that it is impossible to deceive the censor.

This phone is 5G support with 888 plus in the phone, which can provide a 7.5 GBPS download link

And 3.0 GBPS-up link streaming speed.


Inside the phone, 5050 MAH battery is given with 66-watt fast charging support and the battery can be charged in 0 to 100% up to 65 minutes.

> There is also a charging application mode in the phone that reduces the heart rate during charging.

There is a setup of 3 cameras on the phone’s back, which is 64 megapixels with which 8 megapixels ultra-wide and a Depth censored camera.

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There is an 8-megapixel camera on the phone’s front while the Android 11 operating system has been combined with Red Magic OS 4.0.

The New Smartphone provides USBC Port Extensive Monitor Support.

it will be available in different countries from 12 to 16 GB ram and 256 GB storage with 128 GB storage.


Its 12 GB Ram and 128 GB storage model sold $599 (more RS: 1,00,000)
16 GB Ram and 256 GB storage phone sold $699 (more than one lakh 16 thousand rupees) Will go.

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