Samsung Foldable Smartphones, Cheapest Models

Smartphone companies have devised a new strategy in the wake of the global Corona epidemic, and now the smartphone watchdog website and its analysts say that in 2021.

Samsung should focus on the Z series foldable phones. For which he wants to reach a large number of consumers by reducing the prices of these foldable phones.

Samsung insiders say there is still room & demand for the Z series and foldable smartphones, but the hefty price tag is the biggest hurdle.

Now in 2021, Samsung will introduce new models of Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 and it is said that they will be made less costly for the consumers.

According to the ET website, the Galaxy will offer four foldable models by the middle of next year, but it may be available for sale in August and September, during which time Samsung may try to sell its Note series.

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It is also being said that for the first time in the Z-Fold 3, I will include the feature of the S-Phone and for this reason, analysts have said that maybe now the Note series will become a thing of the past.

In addition, the price of the Z-Fold will be kept low like the usual good smartphone models. That means its price will be close to Google Pixel & iPhone.

But even before that, the news of Fold E and Fold Lite has been circulating since 2020, so next year Samsung will rise with many new models for smartphone users, in which every foldable phone can not be ignored in any way. ۔

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It is to be noted that complaints of frequent opening and closing of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 were common on the screen and consumers were not in favour of taking such a phone with such an expensive phone.

That’s why the public opinion is that a foldable phone should not cost more than a thousand dollars.

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