Samsung gradually decided not to provide chargers and earphones with all phones


Samsung Galaxy S21 series phones are the company’s first devices with no charger available to consumers in the box.

However, this trend will not stop here, but future smartphones will also lose the charger. This has been revealed by the company itself but some scope has been left.

The company also clarified the reason for gradually removing the charger and headphones from the phone box.

Samsung said removing the accessories from the box would help keep them more stable.

It is clear that Samsung will not have chargers and headphones in its phones in the near future, which will help the company keep the price of phones low.

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However, some models may come with a charger.

Samsung may continue to provide chargers with entry-level phones so that those who are not interested in the latest technologies can buy them.


It is believed that Apple started this tradition by not giving charger in iPhone 12 series, after which Xiaomi also did not give charger with May 11.

Samsung has now been added to the list.

Samsung’s policy will not only include the old phones but will also gradually extend to the new phones.

“We’ve discovered that more & more Samsung Galaxy users are using accessories they already have to promote better recycling habits,” Samsung said in a statement. They are also moving to remove charger plugs and earphones from new devices in their Galaxy phones.

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The company said that we believe that gradually removing the charger plug and earphones from the box will help in overcoming various problems while also reducing the pressure of unnecessary accessories on the user.

The company said that since 2017 we have been using USBBC type charging ports, so old chargers can work with new phones.

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