Samsung Will Introduced More Galaxy Note Smartphones


Samsung Will Introduced More Galaxy Note Smartphones: Samsung’s Galaxy Note is one of the most popular smartphones that has made large screen devices popular around the world.

The first Galaxy Note had a 5.3-inch screen that looks small today but was the largest at the time with the introduction of new technology in the form of a stylus or S-Pen.

In late 2020, a report by Reuters reported that Samsung was planning to phase out the Galaxy Note series in 2021 and focus on foldable phones instead.

However, this was denied by the company, but now Samsung has indicated that it is considering not introducing Galaxy Note phones in 2021.

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Samsung’s CEO DJ Koo told a news conference that the company was considering not introducing the Galaxy Note this year due to a shortage of semiconductors worldwide.

These conductors are required for the manufacture of chips, but for various reasons, supply is less than demand.

The CEO of Samsung said that the company wants to launch new products but may face difficulties due to lack of chips but it is expected that the situation will return to normal next year and the Galaxy Note will be introduced.


Samsung is one of the few major chip makers in the world, with demand rising for one reason, but another major reason is that full production has not started in the US state of Texas due to power outages caused by a blizzard in February.

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Sales of Samsung phones are expected to fall by 5% in 2021 if the Galaxy Note is not introduced, but the biggest loss will be in revenue.

Because these flagship phones are some of the most expensive phones in the Galaxy phone.

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